Monday, October 5, 2009

to the organic farm we go!

oh! autumn! the leaves are changing, i can wear sweaters, drink hot tea, and enjoy one last weekend in lake huntington before we close up the bungalow for the summer.

i had a lovely weekend in the catskills this weekend. my friends and i stayed in lake huntington summer community, which is a few minutes from bethel woods, site of the famous woodstock music festival (1969).
the farm we went to is called river brook farm, and it's one of my favorite places to go when i am in LHSC. not only is the produce AMAZING, there are goats and sheep to play with. the property is beautiful, and as well as amazing produce (veggies, fruit, meats, milk, eggs) they also sell locally made goodies such as beach lake bread (pies and challah breads that are made with love). my friends and i made out well at the farm: great veggies for salad, farm fresh goats cheese, potatoes, farm fresh bacon, and a blueberry pie from BLB.

we ate ourselves into a coma, watched he-man (who btw, is totally dating skeletor!), took some nature hikes, and drank lots of tea... goodbye catskills! see you next summer <3>

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