Tuesday, September 29, 2009

spice is nice

so... after much searching and stressing, i finally found a spice rack to hang in my kitchen. i got it at a tag sale in the catskills- upstate new york (YEAH tag sales!). i got it for 50 cents - there are still deals to be had in this recession after all. i thought about giving it a makeover, but i kinda love the worn paint and stickers on the side. i have to say, i have found some amazing things upstate at tag sales, but this is my favorite thing right about now. having my spices all lined up instead of all over my kitchen makes me happy. i recently purchased some black sesame seeds and i am excited to make something with them. if i could only keep 1 spice from this rack it would have to be the old bay spice... i don't think any spice rack is complete without that perfect blend of old bay... maybe it's the 3 years i spent in baltimore, i don't know, but that stuff is like crack.

Friday, September 25, 2009

dani bakes dani cakes!

hello dahlings... i have started a blog. just for kicks. it will be about baking, life, adventures, fave spots in brooklyn, must have condiments, gossip... but mostly baking.