Tuesday, October 19, 2010

you will be missed... delicious friend

blue marble has mastered the art of simple, delicious, high quality ice cream. sadly, the blue marble on atlantic avenue (just a short walk from my apartment) will be closing in less than a week. this blue marble is insanely popular and very loved. it seems ice cream doesn't make the rent. so no more last minute blue marble stops on my way home after a bad day. no more blue marble runs with my boyfriend at 10:30pm for a mini marble. sigh.

blue marble still exists at two lovely brooklyn locations- but the original on atlantic is what started it all!

i will miss you blue marble on atlantic avenue! your ginger ice cream lives on in my heart... and my belly.

if you live nearby, you should stop by 420 atlantic avenue and show your support before they close on 10/24. if you've never tried blue marble---- GET READY :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

over the moon for french macaroons

french macaroons. beautiful and delicious. the type of treat that has you channeling your inner french princess. i recently set out to make these for the first time. my sous chef for the day was mandark. although macaroons are a simple recipe, everything has to be precise, so i was a bit intimidated. i think they turned out pretty good for a first attempt! the colors we decided on were lavender and baby blue. we turned to martha for the recipe.

for the filling we melted down a bar of vosges creole bar. i felt like we had to go for some high class chocolate filler to make macaroons even marie antoinette would enjoy.

i want to make macaroons again soon... half the fun is deciding the color and flavor combos that are possible with this lovely little cookie :)